Coachbrokers is an international network of successful Business Coaches, for whom coaching is more than just a job: we believe that coaching is the most effective form of support to:

  • Better manage VUCA Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.
  • Develop the potential of leaders and companies.



Organisation coaching

Organisation coaching focuses on what can be achieved for companies with the least possible means and the highest possible effect.

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Executive Coaching  

Executive coaching helps experienced managers to center themselves, build on their strengths and get rid of burdens. In this way leadership performance becomes more focused, and less management leads to greater success.

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Leadership Coaching 

Leadership coaching managers are empowered to understand the new task in depth, to take responsibility and bring their potential in line with the goals of the position.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching helps to place the potential of individuals in the service of the whole entity. Corrosive energy is transformed into positive energy, and the productivity of a unit, department or whole company is significantly increased.

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Leadership Programme: Leadership in self-organized companies

The leadership programme ‘‘Leadership in self-organized companies” enables companies to achieve a maximum of performance with a minimum of management.

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All coaching sessions by Coachbrokers are measured on their impact. We have a broad set of internationally validated tools with which we support the process of our customers.

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